About Chet’s Scrap Metal

When it comes to scrap metal, the yards are big, they almost all do the same thing, and mostly all accept the same metals. So what sets them apart? What sets Chet’s apart? Customer service, our dedication to you, is what we value above all else.

That has a lot to do with giving you the best money for your metal waste, but it also leans on the experience quite a bit as well. We see the excitement in a father bringing his young son to us, showing him how to take a pile of trash and turn it into a small treasure. The big trucks and even bigger warehouses tower over the kids and it’s just awesome to see the look of disbelief on their faces when they see metal being hoisted way up high over their heads.

That experience is cool, but it is also dangerous. We want you to know that whoever you bring to our location is safe. Nothing in the world means more to us than the safety of you and your family, as well as every one of our hard workers. We have procedures set in place to protect you from everyone, even yourself! Our stations have a simple set of rules, that when followed will give you a safe and we hope prosperous day.

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Chet’s Scrap Metal is a family owned business that relies on you just as much as you rely on us. We take all of your old and decaying metal, and send it off to be cleanly melted down so other companies can repurpose it. Recycling is what will sustain our world in the future, and doing it cleanly is essential. At Chet’s we take this to heart and look forward to helping you solve all of your waste metal challenges in the future.

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